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Live bush fire ready. Bush fires are an everyday part of living in the Blue Mountains.

Know your bush fire risk. Prepare yourself and your home before a bushfire threat so you can respond rapidly and recover quickly.

Prepare your bush fire plan today in a few easy steps to help protect people, animals, possessions and property. It only takes a few minutes to develop a bush fire plan with the help of the RFS Four Simple Steps.

Get Ready in Four Simple Steps

Use the NSW Rural Fire Service’s Four Simple Steps to guide the way your household will get ready for a bush fire.
Download the guide and start your discussion.

1. discuss

Discuss what to do if a bush fire threatens your home.

2. prepare

Prepare your home and get it ready for the bush fire season.

3. know

Keep key bush fire information close at hand.

4. keep

Keep key bush fire information close at hand.

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Are You Bush Fire Ready?

Living in a bush fire prone area such as the Blue Mountains, it is vital to have a fire plan in place so everyone in your household understands what to do if a bush fire threatens your property.

Do you have a bush fire plan in place?


On this page, you will find trusted and credible resources to help you prepare for the bush fire season by:

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Local Resources Directory

Visit the Local Resources Directory page to view links to local organisations, and search the directory of centralised resources and services available to help Blue Mountains residents prepare for, respond to or recover from a bush fire.

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